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Does your dog rush the door with excitement or growl to keep visitors back?  Perhaps your puppy nips the kids and pulls on the leash?  Is your dog jumping on people and not listening?  Is your dog pulling on the leash?  Does your rescue dog suffer from anxiety?  Maybe he/she has dog or leash aggression?  What about chewing, digging or barking for attention?  Do you need help with potty training or puppy crate training?  Does your dog growl at you or constantly block you demanding attention?  Is it possible your puppy needs to learn impulse control?

Stop puppy nipping, puppy biting and dog mouthing. 
Stop dog chewing on your personal items. 
Reduce separation anxiety which can cause destructive behavior!
Dog to dog aggression can be reduced and even eliminated learning new skills. 
Does your dog pull on his harness? End all dog pulling on leash today.
Dog chasing cat is an innate drive. Teach your dog calm behavior as an alternative. 
Improve dog aggression and even eliminate it by learning to recognize her triggers and applying behavioral modification & desensitization.

Dog rushing the door & dog jumping on people will stop with our techniques.

dOgBEDIENCE Can Help Your Dog
We offer Professional K9 Training and help you to help your dog. We eliminate behavior issues as a thing of the past through Behavioral Modification using positive methods. Learn K9 skills & handle your dog like a Pro. 
No Prong Collar   No Choke Collar   No E-Collar  
We have a 99% success rate in improving dog behavior w/o using harsh equipment!



Dog training the dOgBEDIENCE way is the answer!
From Facebook per Teddy Bear's owner's-
"It's like a miracle...Two days later, he's still like a whole new dog!"
dOgBEDIENCE is dog training with a heart
As shared by Chloe's owner on her owner's FB page-
 "Chloe has come back a model St. Bernard after her 10 days of training at dOgbedience..."
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Dog Trainer Michael Peer
was featuredin Reston Connection's PET Connection Issue July 2014

We are covered by Liability Insurance and are Fully Bonded.
We look forward to working with you, your family & your dog.
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