dOgBEDIENCE - K9 Training
 Dog Training Services (ALL SESSIONS ARE PRIVATE):

            In-Home Consultation & Training: $225 for 2 hrs 
  • We schedule 2 hr Initial In-Home Consultation & Training sessions (Rate applies to any single dog, size & breed; discounted rates are also available for multiple dogs).
  • Trainer will assess your dog in his/her own environment & implement successful strategies using positive-training methods.
  • Training is included in your Consultation and we'll address your immediate concerns. No need to wait for your next appointment to get results.

                                Obedience Program
Package of 8 to 10 sessions, 50 min each
Cost of package: $792 to $990

Basic to Advanced Level; On & Off-Lead; Impulse Control, Recall. Includes Agility Training such as- Hurdles, Broad Jump, Wall Jump, Low Ramp Climb, Low Crawl Box; Optional - Tracking/Article Search.
                          Behavioral Modification Program 
       Package of 6 to 10 sessions, 50 min each 
                              Cost of package: $594 to $999

House Manners & Anxiety Issues; Dog-to-Dog Aggression, Dog-to-People Aggression, Fear, and more.

                                 Socialization Program 
Package of 10 sessions, 50 min each 
Cost of package: $990. 


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