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Ofc. Michael Peer (Owner-Dog Trainer) is a current 30 yr veteran Federal Law Enforcement Officer with over 8 years of experience as a K-9 Handler with the United States Park Police K-9 Unit in Washington, DC., and his 7th year as a Trainer & Dog Behaviorist. 

His background in dog training includes Police K-9 and Narcotics Detection School, USPCA certified. He graduated from Michigan State University with a BA from the School of Social Work. He created dOgBEDIENCE so he could put his vast Professional K-9 experience into rehabilitating dogs with challenging behaviors, and helping dog owners to train their dogs successfully. Officer Peer continues his education through professional webinars/classes to further his knowledge in dog behavior. He is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT).
    Officer Peer is a successful Dog Behaviorist and employs proven techniques that he personally developed from years of experience as a Police K-9 Handler and Private Dog Trainer. 
   dOgBEDIENCE gives back to the community and donates to charitable organizations and other causes. We work with various dog rescue groups in the area and are consistently sought out by these organizations through referrals.
Our Story:
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In late 2011, our Rotti was diagnosed with Addison's disease. As it turns out, there is no cure for it; thus, the only solution was to put him on hormone replacement therapy for the rest of his life or he would die. We were in shock! He was only a puppy when all of a sudden he crashed one day; and after staying at the hospital, he came home diagnosed with Addison's Disease. This is now Rogue's new norm and we were left with the question of--"How are we going to deal with it, emotionally and financially?"--as it requires a huge amount of endless medical expenses, month after month, year after year, and all through out his life; as well as the impending behavioral challenges that can accompany it. Who would have known that the potential medical cost for Addison's disease is the equivalent of buying a new car. As for Rogue, he landed in the arms of caring adopted parents who would not give up on him, no matter what! As Michael puts it..."Rogue is family and you don't give up on family." As such, our vet gave us confidence that we could sustain Rogue's required monthly medical care that he made it affordable for us. What more could we ask for! Sometimes, the best things happen when people are faced with a challenge...and as in this case-- something good came from something bad. It pushed Michael to start his own K-9 Training business!
    Nowadays, Rogue has been helping other dogs in their dog aggression training, learning how to be a calm, well balanced dog just like him! 
     Unfortunately, in March of 2016 our beloved Rogue succumbed to his disease. He was 7 years old. 
     In honor of him and the never ending help he provided to dOgBEDIENCE, Michael named the Obedience Field after him. ROGUE FIELD can be located in Google Maps.
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