dOgBEDIENCE - What makes us different?
dOgBEDIENCE - K9 Training
So you wonder, what makes us different from other dog trainers? Here are some questions and answers to help you decide what makes our service of value to you?
Bear in puppy training. dOgBEDIENCE builds confidence in dog and handler!
Wouldn't you like to have a dOglife-Coach forever?    
    Discover our service and your Trainer will be your personal dOglife-Coach forever! What does it mean to you? It means that your access to your Dog Trainer does NOT end when your sessions are over. We'll continue to provide you with personal coaching throughout the life of your dog. Unlike other dog trainers who slap a charge for this service--we do not!
    Our Trainer is available by phone or email if you need additional guidance, reinforcement, & advice for FREE, even after your training program is completed. 
Stop dog jumping by teaching to jump on command!
What separates our Training program from others?    
    Unlike other Dog Trainers who offer various titles/classes that sometimes can be confusing, dOgBEDIENCE's focus is in developing your dog's Obedience skills to its fullest potential. Building both your dog's confidence and your confidence in handling your dog is paramount to us! We'll take your dog through various steps in obedience skills, challenging him/her and yourself during the length of the program. We don't put a limit to what you and your dog can learn! This is a mix of Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels depending on what your dog's learning curve is. Our Private Obedience sessions are curtailed to your own experience level along with your dog's current obedience level; your dog can progress at his/her own pace! 
    Call us to find out more about how our program can benefit you and your dog. 
Kuma during dog training with dOgBEDIENCE, located in Reston, Va
What's our training approach?
    We use positive-reinforcement training methods which are exclusive to us--our Behavioral Modification & Obedience Training programs are a unique combination of human-canine interaction (bonding), voice commands, hand signals, treats, praise, and play as rewards. We DO NOT implement E-collars, prong collars, and choke collars. Our Trainer also has a background in compulsion training, which includes touch corrections, having served as a former Police K-9 Handler for many years. His vast experience brings a well-rounded perspective in Dog Training. We also incorporate Socialization & Agility work in the mix. We believe that our Training Approach will bring your dog direction, balance and calm that it needs, and for which you are looking for as a Leader. Together, you will learn to master a team-concept.
    Our Trainer is very competitive and enjoys seeing the transformation that happens along the way. In fact, he finds the whole process remarkable and rewarding.
988249 404911626286551 1648181387 nHow long does it take to train a dog?   
First, we can all agree that no two dogs are alike- just like Humans. Human and Canines have different learning curves. The true answer to this question: Training takes as long as it takes, in order to modify a dog's unacceptable behavior or to teach Obedience Skills. What we ask is for you to show up & train with our Dog Trainer at least once a week, and practice what you've learned everyday at your home for at least 15 minutes. Bear in mind that in Dog Training, services are measured in terms of 50 minutes. Therefore, we provide you with a number of sessions as an estimate of where your dog will be after just a few sessions. We constantly re-assess your dog each and every session. As an example, if you purchase a package of 6 sessions - it's not indicative that your dog will master Obedience inside 6 sessions-- in fact this will be a starting point. The rest of the training happens in your care and how you reinforce what you and your dog learned during your sessions.     
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