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Dog Park Mentoring
Having Dog Park issues, behavior-wise, with your dog? Are you feeling uncertain how to manage these problems?           
        We can walk you through your Dog Park problems and help you learn to manage your dog by reading his/her behavior before it gets out of hand. We will show you ways to re-direct your dog's attention, and properly calm him/her down. We can also show you how to handle your dog when the other dogs become out of control, and we can show you when and how to call it a day. We can even show you how to gain other Owners' respect by dealing with the problem behavior and conditioning your dog to "get along" better. 

Don't let your dog's behavior make you feel ostracized to the point where you don't feel like going to your favorite Dog Park anymore. Dog Parks are important for your dog to not only exercise, but to socialize too. Regain control of your dog by learning what to do, how to implement it & when!
  • Dog Park Problems SOLVED*, available as a part of our overall Behavioral Modification program or Socialization program. *On a rare occasion, it may be recommended for safety issues that a dog refrain from dog park visits altogether.
Dog pack mentality 
Learning to greet other dogs helps cure dog aggression 

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