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​Customized & Comprehensive

Obedience Training, Behavior Modification, 

Off Leash Training (No E-Collar), and Agility Training

I offer an All-in-One Program that includes both Obedience Training & Behavior Modification which are both vital in creating a balanced dog. I believe that a dog's obedience is only as good as it's behavior. Therefore, one can't do without the other, and both aspects are equally important in my view. My dog training program is unique as I strive to improve/modify your dog's Behavior and Obedience through Behavior Modification, Socialization, Basic to Advanced Obedience Training, Off Leash Training without using an E-Collar, Prong, or Choke collar, Agility Training, Leash Reactivity, Aggression, Fear/Anxiety, and Dog Park Mentoring. 



​Personalized, Effective & Proven Results 


 In-Home Training

Cost $225 for 1.50 hours (1 dog)    |    $400 for 2 hours (2 dogs)

In-Home Dog Training is the most preferred type of training for families with dogs. Aside from the obvious convenience, it affords every member of your family the opportunity to participate and be on the same level of understanding of how best to handle your dog. In fact, I normally recommend My 2 Hour In-Home Training for first time clients where I will work with your dog inside and outside your home; I will walk you through step-by-step​ what to do and how to handle your dog’s unwanted behavior, such as, pulling on the leash, rushing the door, jumping on people, excessive barking, nipping, potty training, crate training, house manners, and other concerns you might have.


​Fun & Informative

Off Leash Park/Dog Park Mentoring 

Having dog park issues, behavior-wise, with your dog? Are you feeling uncertain how to manage your dog while at your local dog park? Dog Park Mentoring is part of my dog training program. Visiting a dog park can be intimidating to some. I can walk you through any issues your dog or yourself might be experiencing, and help you learn to manage your dog by teaching you how to read cues from your dog's body language and behavior. I will show you ways to re-direct your dog's attention, and calm him/her down when your dog gets anxious. I can show you how to handle your dog if and when other dogs become out of control. I can help condition your dog to "get along" better with the other dogs.



​​ Fun vacation for your puppy 

Board and Train at Trainer's Home 

Free 1 Hr In-Home Evaluation

Choice of 14 Days or 21 Days of Intensive Dog Training & Boarding

Daily Indoor and Outdoor Training for both Obedience Training & Correcting Unwanted/Problem Behaviors

Free Transport of your dog at completion

Free 2 hr In-Home Training at completion

Free Training within 1 year after your first Board & Train, 7 day min stay required

Free Advice Forever, years after your training is over!



Fun & Reliable

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

We offer Dog Walking, Running/Jogging with your dog, Pet Sitting and Dog Park Visits



​Informative & Interactive 

Online Dog Training

Introducing: Interactive Online Dog Training. Our goal is to deliver quality distance dog training using Facebook or Skype. Dog Trainer, Michael Peer is often asked by clients who live out of town to come to their home to train their dog. Our Interactive Online Dog Training attempts to bridge this gap and is ideal for out of town clients needing help with their dogs. If you're interested, please give us a call or send an email.



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