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 NOW ONLY $150 for 1 Hour for 1 dog 

 Add a 2nd dog for only $100

(2 dogs $250 for 1.50 Hrs)  

Training your dog starts at your home and this is why I'd recommend for you to try my 1 Hr In-Home Training and Consultation where I come to your home and work with everyone in your family including children (if any). 


My In-Home Training and Consultation offers help to dog owners with up to 3 Behavior issues (depending on the case) that your dog is currently showing. It includes loose leash walking where I will take you and your dog around your neighborhood and address your dog's leash pulling, grabbing the leash and jumping on other people. We'll also go through various training exercises in your home focusing on your dog's specific Behavior and Obedience concerns; such as, mouthing, jumping, barking, potty issues, crate training and more! 

If your dog is showing signs of Reactivity, we offer REACTIVITY REHAB designed just for that! Call us at 571-437-4200 and we'd be happy discuss your dog situation.  At Dogbedience, we subscribe to positive training methods only. We do not use E-Collars or Prong Collars!

  • Private Packages start at 6-Sessions for $810
  • Training packages include a combination of obedience training, behavior modification, socialization, and off leash training. Our main focus is to help you help your dog.
  • All sessions are held outdoors around Reston, lasting 45 minutes and are held weekly. 

​Are you curious and need to know more about our packages?

We Specialize In Improving Reactivity

We specialize at improving and countering dog reactivity towards other dogs, people, and things. Everyday we work with dogs who suffer from t​he same discomfort. Their fears make walks difficult for the both of you and it’s not as uncommon as you think. We’ve worked with hundreds of dog families just like yours to make dog walks more manageable and fun. Don’t give up! There is work to be done! Let dOgBEDIENCE personally coach you along the way. Find out below if your dog is Reactive or Aggressive.

Is​ my dog Reactive or Aggressive?​

Likely Reactive

  • My dog snarls, growls, bar​ks, and pulls towards other dogs, people, cars or things
  • My ​dog is shy, snarls, growls, bar​ks, and lunges towards other dogs, people or things
  • If your dog is under 4 months old it’s unlikely to be reactive

If your dog demonstrates any of the above examples you need our Reactivity Training 

Not likely Re​active or Aggressive​

  • My dog pulls towards other dogs, people, cars, and t​h​ings but does not ​lunge
  • My dog is shy towards other dogs, people, or things but does not growl, bark or lunge
  • My dog nips/bites and/or has caused injury but is under 4 months

If your dog is not aggressive or reactive you need our standard Obedience & Behavior Training 

Likely Aggressive​

  • My dog bites and/or has caused injury to other dogs and/or people
  • Dogs under 6 months are not considered aggressive until evaluated

If your dog demonstrates any of the above examples you need our Aggression Training 


Training Good Dogs To Be Great Dogs &

Coaching People To Be Gre​at Dog Owners

My name is Michael Peer, a Former Police K9 Officer turned Dog Trainer & Behaviorist. I have over 19 years of professional experience working with over 2,000 dogs and their people. Helping people and dogs are my passion in life. 


A couple of years ago, Brett Peer, my son, had joined me in training dogs. I can't tell you how much pride and joy it is for us to work together.  I can now say that we are officially--your local small family owned business, along with my wife Glad Peer, who manages the day to day operations. 


We can help you train your dog using Positive Reinforcement Methods. We train dogs without  using harsh tools---NO E-COLLAR, NO SHOCK COLLAR, NO PRONG COLLAR & NO CHOKE COLLAR.



We have a 99% Success Rate in improving/modifying unwanted behavior using Positive Dog Training Methods.



About Me

In 2009, I adopted a 4 month old Rottie who became my inspiration in training dogs. My then newly adopted pup was born with a chronic auto immune disease (Addison's) and a challenging behavior. It wasn't easy for my family in the beginning but I could not and would not give up on him. He lived for 7 years and he paid me back a thousandfold. ... 

Reston, Great Falls, McLean, Vienna, Herndon, Oakton, Tysons Corner, Fairfax, Fair Lakes, Sterling, Potomac Falls, Countryside, Cascades, Lowes Island, Ashburn, One Loudoun, Dulles, Chantilly



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